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As one of the most well-known and durable countertop materials available, granite is a frequent go-to at Cabinets & More Wholesale. If you are looking for new kitchen countertops in Fort Lauderdale, Kendall or Miami, give us a call today!

What is Granite?

Without going into a geological exposition on granite, suffice it to say that granite is a naturally occurring stone that is formed by cooled magma thousands of miles under the Earth’s surface. Fun fact: granite makes up a large quantity of the continental crust, and much of North America sits on granite bedrock.

As far as your kitchen goes, granite comes in an eclectic mix of colors and designs, making it ideal for truly customized countertops. Paired with its incredible durability, granite kitchen countertops are an irresistible choice. Call the team of experts at Cabinets & More Wholesale for more details!

Granite Countertops Fort Lauderdale

The bedrock of continents… and your kitchen


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Why Choose Granite for Your Countertops

Owing to its exceptional palette of colors and patterns, granite is to-die-for countertop material. What’s exciting about granite is that no two slabs are completely identical, meaning that even if all your neighbors decide to get granite countertops, we guarantee that every single surface will be unique.

Looking good is only half of what granite brings to the table or counter. The stone is extremely durable and virtually heat-proof, meaning that you could put a hot pan directly on the countertop without burning it. This stuff is highly stain-resistant too. Any stains that do occur can be easily removed with any kind of domestic cleaner, even the harsh ones. The only thing to be aware of with granite is that it is quite a porous stone, so it will absorb spillage. This can be counteracted by regular, easily applied sealings.

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There are myriad reasons to trust granite!


Granite Countertops Kendall

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